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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1997 Sep-Oct; 298

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Rebuilding of CATLINE®/AVLINE® and Other Changes

Database Rebuilding

The rebuilding of the CATLINE and AVLINE databases in December 1997 is limited to the updating of MeSH headings. These changes should appear online on December 15, 1997.

Changes made to MeSH Headings (MH) in CATLINE and AVLINE correspond to the changes made in 1998 MeSH. Records which are modified by at least one of these heading changes contain "97" in the Class Update Date (CU) field.

Records affected by the MeSH update will be reissued to licensees of CATLINE and AVLINE records in USMARC format, according to the normal record distribution schedule.

Changes to USMARC Distribution to reflect revisions to USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data

NLM plans to use subfield $v to code form subheadings in CATLINE and AVLINE records distributed in USMARC format:

In conjunction with 1997 Year-End Processing in the CATLINE and AVLINE databases, NLM will begin using the $v subfield to output form subheadings in MeSH subject strings (USMARC 650, Subject Added Entry-Topical Term, denoted with second indicator = 2 for Medical Subject Headings). These form subheadings were previously distributed in the USMARC 650 field as general subdivisions, $x subfield, along with the topical subheadings. Topical subheadings will continue to be distributed in the $x subfield, as required by USMARC.

Both new and modified USMARC records should begin to show this change effective with the first records distributed in the 1998 Cataloging Production Year, e.g., December 11, 1997 for weekly record recipients and January 2, 1998 for those receiving a monthly distribution.

This change has no impact on the display of data in the MeSH Heading (MH) fields in CATLINE and AVLINE. Form subheadings continue to be searchable in the Subheadings Qualifier (SH) field in those databases.

USMARC 008/28 Coded for CONSER Serials Records

NLM has begun to code the USMARC fixed field 008/byte 28 (Government publication) to the level of detail designated by USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data in new serial records which are being submitted to CONSER. All other records, including those for serials not submitted to CONSER, continue to be coded in the 008/byte 28 with one of two values: "o" (government publication -level undetermined) or "blank" (not a government publication).

ELHILL users of CATLINE and AVLINE continue to see the Miscellaneous Attributes (MA) field coded as "A" when the material is a Government Publication of any type. The MA field is directly searchable.

Non-NLM Monograph Records Deleted from CATLINE

During August 1997, close to 2,350 bibliographic records for print monographs were deleted from CATLINE.

The records deleted were among approximately 20,000 records added to CATLINE in the early 1970's as part of a cooperative cataloging/union list effort with the following three major medical libraries:

Upstate Medical Center of the State University of New York, Syracuse
[CATLINE Library Symbol (LY): 01SSY]
Louise Darling Biomedical Library at the University of California, Los Angeles
[CATLINE Library Symbol (LY): 07CLA]
Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University
[CATLINE Library Symbol (LY): 01HMS].

The deletions represent monograph titles held at one or more of the other three libraries but never acquired by NLM. NLM deleted these monograph records as a necessary preparation for the transition to the planned integrated library system.

For the present, the majority of the records from this project are being retained in CATLINE, with no changes made to the codes in the Library Symbols (LY) field. These approximately 18,000 records link to holdings at NLM and also at one or more of the other libraries. However, CATLINE users are advised that NLM has no recent information as to whether these titles have been retained or withdrawn by the other institutions.

For each CATLINE record deleted, a USMARC record with the LEADER/05 (record status) byte set to 'd' was issued as part of NLM's regular USMARC distribution to licensees of CATLINE in USMARC format.

--prepared by Marti Scheel
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