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Search Strategy Used to Create the Toxicology Subset on PubMed

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This strategy was created by NLM's Specialized Information Services to facilitate searching for subjects in the area of toxicology. This filter can also be used in a search as tox [sb].
Example: lead AND tox [sb]

Strategy last modified February 2014.

Drug-Induced Liver Injury [mh] OR 
Drug-Induced Liver Injury, Chronic [mh] OR 
Chemically-Induced Disorders [mh] OR 
Carcinogenesis [mh] OR 
Material Safety Data Sheets [mh] OR 
Phytochemicals/ae [mh] OR 
Teratogenesis [mh] OR 
Climate Change [mh] OR 
Colony Collapse [mh] OR 
Global Warming [mh] OR 
Harmful Algal Bloom [mh] OR 
Drug Recalls [mh] OR 
Safety-Based Drug Withdrawals [mh] OR 
Ecotoxicology [mh] OR 
Neoplasms/CI [mh] OR
Musculoskeletal Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Digestive System Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Stomatognathic Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Respiratory Tract Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Nervous System Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Eye Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Male Urogenital Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications/CI [mh] OR
Cardiovascular Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Endocrine System Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Immune System Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Disorders of Environmental Origin/CI [mh] OR
Animal Diseases/CI [mh] OR
Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms /CI [mh] OR
Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities/CI [mh] OR
Inorganic Chemicals/ae [mh] OR
Organic Chemicals/ae [mh] OR
Heterocyclic Compounds/ae [mh] OR
Polycyclic Compounds/ae [mh] OR
Macromolecular Substances/ae [mh] OR 
Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists/ae [mh] OR 
Enzymes and Coenzymes/ae [mh] OR 
Carbohydrates/ae [mh] OR 
Lipids/ae [mh] OR 
Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins/ae [mh] OR 
Nucleic Acids, Nucleotides, and Nucleosides/ae [mh] OR 
Complex Mixtures/ae [mh] OR 
Biological Factors/ae [mh] OR 
Biomedical and Dental Materials/ae [mh] OR 
Pharmaceutical Preparations/ae [mh] OR
Chemical Actions and Uses/ae [mh] OR
Reproductive and Urinary Physiological Phenomena/de [mh] OR 
Integumentary System Physiological Phenomena/de [mh] OR 
Environment and Public Health/ae [mh] OR 
Ocular Physiological Phenomena/de [mh] OR 
Genetic Phenomena/de [mh] OR 
animals, poisonous [mh] OR 
plants, medicinal/ae [mh] OR 
plants, toxic [mh] OR 
environmental illness [mh] OR 
occupational diseases [mh] OR 
poisoning [mh] OR 
substance-related disorders [mh] OR 
burns, chemical [mh] OR 
radiation injuries [mh] OR 
environmental pollutants [mh] OR 
noxae [mh] OR drug therapy/ae [mh] OR 
mental disorders/ci [mh] OR 
toxicology [mh] OR 
metabolic detoxication, drug [mh] OR 
drug interactions [mh] OR 
environmental pollution [mh] OR 
accidents, occupational [mh] OR 
adverse drug reaction reporting systems [mh] OR
venoms/to [mh] OR 
persian gulf syndrome [mh] OR 
pesticides/to [mh] OR 
household products/ae [mh] OR 
manufactured materials/ae [mh] OR 
environmental monitoring [mh] OR 
toxic actions [mh] OR
food and beverages/ae [mh] OR
abnormalities, drug-induced [mh] OR
birth weight/de [mh] OR
fetal alcohol syndrome [mh] OR
chemical hazard release [mh] OR 
biohazard release [mh] OR 
forensic toxicology [mh] OR 
chemical terrorism [mh] OR 
toxicity tests [mh] OR
radiotherapy/ae [mh] OR
September 11 Terrorist Attacks [mh] OR 
Iraq War, 2003-2011 [mh] OR 
fukushima nuclear accident [mh] OR
hepatotox* OR 
cardiotox* OR 
neurotox* OR 
immunotox* OR 
nephrotox* OR
toxif* OR 
toxig* OR 
carcinogen* OR 
mutagen* OR 
poison* OR 
terato* OR 
terata* OR 
toxic OR
toxica* OR 
toxicd* OR 
toxice* OR
toxicf* OR 
toxich* OR 
toxici* OR 
toxicl* OR 
toxico* OR 
toxics* OR 
toxict* OR 
toxicu* OR 
toxicy* OR
ecotox* OR
hazardous substances OR
psychoses, substance-induced OR
drug-induced abnormalities OR
radiation-induced abnormalities OR
asthma, aspirin-induced OR
drug-induced dyskinesia OR
drug-induced akathisia OR
nanostructures OR
bhopal accidental release OR
chemical hazard release OR
environmental remediation OR
(Clin Toxicol Phila [ta] OR 
Crit Rev Toxicol [ta] OR 
Environ Health Perspect [ta] OR 
Environ Toxicol Chem [ta] OR 
Hum Exp Toxicol [ta] OR 
Regul Toxicol Pharmacol [ta] OR 
J Toxicol Sci [ta] OR 
Toxicology [ta] OR 
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol [ta] OR 
J Toxicol Environ Health [ta] OR 
Environ Toxicol Pharmacol [ta]) 

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