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Follow the NLM Director, Patti Brennan on Twitter at @NLMdirector.

Follow NLM products and resources on Twitter:

  • @AIDSinfo: Updates on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and research from AIDSinfo.
  • @infoSIDA: Ofrece información sobre tratamiento, prevención e investigaciones del VIH/SIDA.
  • @medlineplus: Stay up to date with the latest news and information on health, medicine, and wellness from MedlinePlus.
  • @MedlinePlusEsp: Información de salud confiable y actualizada en todo momento en MedlinePlus en español.
  • @ncbi: News, updates and announcements about NCBI resources.
  • @ncbibookshelf: News releases and updates from NCBI Bookshelf.
  • @NLM_DIMRC: News, updates and resources on disaster medicine and public health.
  • @NLM_HIV: NLM resources, programs, and services to provide access to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment information.
  • @NLM_LHC: Find out about new content in Profiles in Science and Genetics Home Reference brought to you by the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communication.
  • @NLM_PL: The goal of the People Locator project is to create a Web system that enables family, friends and neighbors to locate missing people during a disaster event.
  • @nlm_news: Daily tweets for the media.
  • @NLM_NICHSR: Your source for info on Health Services Research and Public Health.
  • @NLM_SIS: Toxicology, environmental health and disaster information updates.
  • @NLMdirector: NLM Director, Patti Brennan on Twitter.
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