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NLM Intramural Research Program

The NLM Intramural Research Program (IRP) develops and applies computational approaches to a broad range of information problems in biology, biomedicine, and human health.

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Meet Our Principal Investigators

We are developing solutions to topics ranging from fold-switching proteins to visualization of personal health data. Meet the team

NLM Research Highlights

NLM is leveraging its extensive literature, sequence-related and clinical resources to address a broad range of biomedical information challenges. Read More
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NLM Intramural Research Program

NLM’s current research emphases lie in two areas. In computational health research, the focus areas include natural language processing, clinical image processing, biomedical ontologies and information models, and clinical analytics. In computational biology research, topics include transcription, chromatin and networks; structure and function; sequence statistics; and evolutionary genomics.

NLM’s Intramural Research Program also provides exciting training and research opportunities for high school and undergraduate students and pre and postdoctoral trainees who seek to develop research careers in these areas. Visit the Training Program website for more information.

The Scientific Director

The NLM Scientific Director is responsible for the overall direction and quality of research conducted by investigators in the NLM Intramural Research Program. Learn more

Learn more about how the NLM Intramural Research Program connects to the larger bioinformatics and data science communities. Read the Blue Ribbon Panel Report 

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