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Canceled Class Numbers (Cumulative List)

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The National Library of Medicine cancels classification numbers from its schedules for a variety of reasons - most often classification numbers are realigned to better reflect their domain and improve collocation of materials on related concepts.

Since NLM does not reclassify titles when classification numbers change, materials on like subjects may not be shelved together. For example, if a user wishes to find all materials on the pharmacology of hallucinogens, titles cataloged before 1978 are shelved under QV 109 and titles cataloged 1978 and later are found under QV 77.7.

The table of canceled class numbers below lists numbers canceled from 1978 through the current year, the approximate cancellation date, and the new class number for each concept at the time of cancellation. New concepts and terms may have been introduced since the cancellation. The index should always be checked before assigning the classification number.

Note: This list does not include numbers which were, for a very brief time, used to subdivide materials by publication date. See: Changes in Classification Practice:

Subject Now
Classed in
Human Anatomy
QS 530 2014 Experimental histology Various numbers
QS 539 1994 Handbooks [Histology] QS 529
QS 6391994Handbooks [Embryology] QS 629
QS 6422014Twinning. Multiple embryo production WQ 235
QT 391994Handbooks [Physiology] QT 29
QT 162.E4 2014 Electrolytes Various numbers
QT 2302014Lighting. Air. Sunlight. Living space QT 162.L5
QV 32.51981 Discussion of law, Jurisprudence, (Table G) QV 33
QV 32.61981General coverage (Not Table G) QV 33.1
QV 342012Experimental pharmacology (General) QV 20.5
QV 671978Bitters. Carminatives. Adsorbents QV 66
QV 861978Tranquilizing agents (General) QV 77.9
QV 931978Morphine substitutes, e.g., Meperidine QV 92
QV 1081978Antidepressive agents QV 77.5
QV 1091978Hallucinogens QV 77.7
QV 1152006Synthetic local anesthetics QV 113
QV 2352012Dyes QV 240
QV 618 2012 Irritant poisons Not applicable
QV 667 2012 Systemic poisons. Paralysants Not applicable
QV 7431978Ancient and medieval remedies QV 11; QV 11.1
QV 7672002Herbs QV 766
QV 770.12005Medicinal Plants (Not Table G) QV 766
QV 7872012Tablets QV 786.5.T3
QV 7901978Pharmaceutical supplies QV 26; QV 772
QV 8321978Laws, etc. [Packaging] QV 32
Microbiology. Immunology
QW 1152006Actinobacteria QW 125
QW 1182006Corynebacterum QW 125.5.C5
QW 120 2006 Propionibacteriaceae QW 125.5.P7
QW 130 1978 Caryophanales [Number never
used at NLM]
QW 149 2004 Rickettsiales and chlamydiales QW 150; QW 152
QW 153 2006 Sheathed bacteria. Budding or
appendaged bacteria
QW 133
QW 167 1994 Oncolytic viruses QW 160
QW 168.5.R61994RNA rodent viruses QW 168
QW 180.5.M92005Myxomycetes QX 50
QX 190 1978 Toxoplasma, et al. QX 140
QX 195 2010 Cnidaria Not applicable
QX 465 1978 Centipedes. Millipedes QX 460
Clinical Pathology
QY 105 1978 Animal inoculation QY 100; SF 757.2
QY 485 1978 Drugs [clinical analysis of drugs
in blood]
[Number never
used at NLM]
QZ 57 2014 Physical agents Various numbers
QZ 3201978 Tumors derived from developmental
QZ 310
QZ 330 1978 Tumors derived from neural elements QZ 310
General Medicine. Health Professions
W 39 1994 Handbooks [Health Professions] W 49
W 94 2002 Government services [Number not
used at NLM]
Practice of Medicine
WB 289 1994 Diagnostic use of ultrasonics WN 208
WB 375 1978 Thoracentesis. Pericardial puncture [Number never
used at NLM]
Communicable Diseases
WC 169 1978 Gummatous lesions WC 165
WC 405 1978 Rat-bite fever (Sodoku) WC 390
WC 525 1978 Psittacosis [Ornithosis] WC 660
WC 593 2007 Cat-scratch disease WC 640
WC 825 1978 Cestode infections WC 830
Respiratory System
WF 815 1978 Subdiaphragmatic abscess [Subphrenic
WI 575
Cardiovascular System
WG 530 2014 Frostbite. Immersion foot WD 670; WE 880
WG 595.I6 1994Innominate artery WG 595.B72
WG 625.I6 1994 Innominate vein WG 625.B7
Endocrine System
WK 1872004Synthetic hormones WK 150-190, etc.
WK 3751978Carotid body. WL 102.9
WK 7572004Synthetic substitutes for cortical hormones WK 755
Nervous System
WL 30 2011 Administration of servicesVarious numbers
WM 581978Psychiatric social work WM 30.5
WM 145.5.C32011Cattell personality factor questionnaire WM 145.5.M6
WM 145.5.S92002Szondi test WM 145.5.P8
WM 145.5.R82005Rosenzweig picture-frustration study WM 145.5.P8
WM 202 2011 FunctionalNot applicable
WM 2101978Personality disorders [Constitutional
psychopathic personality
WM 190
WM 612 1994 MasturbationHQ 447;
WM 615 1994 Homosexuality HQ 75-76.8;
WM 611
WO 34 1981 Malpractice WO 33;
WO 33.1
WO 295 1978 Basal Anesthesia WO 234
WP 175 1978 Urethrocele. Cytocele. Rectocele WP 180;
WP 250
WP 9301978 Radiation [Breast. Therapy] WP 870
WQ 410 1978 Preparation manipulation [Obstetrical
WQ 415
WQ 435 2002 Embryotomy WQ 440
Dentistry. Oral Surgery
WU 391994Handbooks [Dentistry] WU 49
WV 324 1978 Nasal fossae. Turbinates WV 301
Hospital and other Health Facilities
WX 221 1978 X-ray services [Radiology Department,
WN 27-28
WW 113 2014 Hygiene. Eye protective devices WW 26
WY 39 1994 Handbooks [Nursing] WY 49
WY 300 2010 Nursing by country (Table G) WY 100
History of Medicine. Medical Miscellany
WZ 29 1994 Handbooks [History of Medicine] WZ 39
WZ 332 2009 Anniversaries and special events [Number never
used at NLM]