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Grants and Funding: Extramural Programs (EP)

Fiscal Year 2014 Awards

Below is a list of new and continuing grant awards made by NLM in fiscal year 2014. The list is sorted by grant program. Multi-year projects will appear each year in which funds are awarded. New Investigators are investigators who have not previously received a significant NIH independent research grant. Early Stage Investigators are new investigators in the first 10 years of their research career. Click the grant number to read the abstract and other information about a grant.

Grant Programs

  • Research Projects (R01)
  • Exploratory/Developmental Research (R21)
  • NLM Informatics Conference (R13)
  • Biomedical Informatics Research Resource (P41)
  • Applied Informatics Resource (G08)
  • NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13)
  • NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99, R00)
  • University Biomedical Informatics Research Training Programs (T15)
  • NIH Summer Research Experience Programs (R25)
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Awards (R41, R42, R43, R44)
  • NIH Director's Pioneer Award (NDPA) (DP1)
  • NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program (DP2)
  • Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative (BISTI) Awards (U54)
  • Career Transition Award (K22)
  • NIH High Priority, Short-Term Project Award (R56)

Research Projects (R01)

Boyce, Richard
Addressing Gaps in Clinically Useful Evidence on Drug-Drug Interactions
1 R01 LM011838-01
University of Pittsburgh

Davuluri, Ramana V 
Informatics Platform for Mammalian Gene Regulation at Isoform-level 
5 R01 LM011297-03
Northwestern University at Chicago

Del Fiol, Guilherme
Meeting Clinicians' Information Needs with Highly Tailored Knowledge Summaries
5 R01 LM011416-02
University of Utah

Jiang, Xia
A New Generation Clinical Decision Support System
1 R01 LM011663-01A1
University of Pittsburgh

Liu, Yin
Bayesian Methods in Signal Transduction Network Analysis
5 R01 LM010022-04
University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Houston

Zhao, Zhongming
Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Complex Disease via RNA-Seq and GWAS Data
5 R01 LM011177-03
Vanderbilt University


NLM Informatics Conference (R13)

Weiner, Jonathan P
Symposium on Population Health Informatics
1 R13 LM011955-01
Johns Hopkins University

Wong, Bang T
VIZBI: A Conference on Visualization in Biology
5 R13 LM010987-04
Broad Institute, Inc.


NLM Grants for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13)

Boullerne, Anne I
Glial Cell Biology: A Historical Perspective
1 G13 LM011465-01A1
University of Illinois at Chicago

Morabia, Alfredo
History of Epidemiology: Evolution and Contribution to Medicine and Public Health
5 G13 LM010884-03
Queens College

Pomata, Gianna
At the Origins of the Case History: Individualized Medicine in Pre-modern Europe
1 G13 LM011447-01A1
Johns Hopkins University

Pollock, Ludmila
Human Genome Project Documentary History: An Annotated Scholarly Guide to the HGP
1 G13 LM011890-01
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Rusnock, Andrea A
The Birth of Vaccination
5 G13 LM011206-02
University of Rhode Island


NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99, R00)

Cami, Aurel B
Mapping the Drugome: Predictive Network Approaches to Drug Safety Surveillance 
5 R00 LM011014-04
Children's Hospital Corporation

Jiang, Xia
Detecting Genome Wide Epistasis with Efficient Bayesian Network Learning
5 R00 LM010822-05
University of Pittsburgh

Lu, Songjian
Developing Graph Models and Efficient Algorithms for the Study of Cancer Disease
1 K99 LM011673-01A1
University of Pittsburgh

Wagholikar, Kavishwar B
A Framework to Enhance Decision Support by Invoking NLP: Methods and Applications  
1 K99 LM011575-01A1
Mayo Clinic Rochester


University Biomedical Informatics Research Training Programs (T15)

Crowley, Rebecca S
Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program
3 T15 LM007059-27S1
University of Pittsburgh

Ohno-Machado, Lucila
San Diego Biomedical Informatics Education & Research (SABER)
3 T15 LM011271-02S1
University of California San Diego


NIH Summer Research Experience Programs (R25)

Dorr, David A
OHSU Summer Internship in Biomedical Informatics for College Undergraduates
5 R25 LM011168-04
Oregon Health & Science University

Gadd, Cynthia S
Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Summer Research Experience Program
5 R25 LM011174-03
Vanderbilt University


NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program (DP2)

Aldridge, Bree Beardsley
Quantitative Design of Multi-drug Regimens for Tuberculosis
1 DP2 LM011952-01
Tufts University Boston


Career Transition Award (K22)

El-Kareh, Robert E
Minimizing Physican Errors: Feedback of Patient Outcomes after Handoffs 
5 K22 LM011435-02
University of California San Diego

Hebbring, Scott J
Development and Application of Phenome-wide Scan of Heritability (PheSH)
1 K22 LM011938-01
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Starkey, Jonathan M
Predictive Model of Chronic Kidney Disease in a Hispanic Population
1 K22 LM011869-01A1
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston