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What's New: Announcements and Special Features

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April 9, 2014
April is Alcohol Awareness Month
Picture of a beer mug

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Check out the MedlinePlus alcohol and underage drinking topic pages.

April 2, 2014
April Issue of NIH News in Health Now Available
NIH logo

The April issue of NIH News in Health is now available.

Featured stories include "Stamp Out Smoking: Tobacco-Free Living" and "The Sting of Shingles: Vaccine, Treatments Reduce Risks". Also, check out the health capsules and the featured Web site.

April 2, 2014
Director's Comments: Marijuana’s Clinical Risks, Benefits, and Uncertainties
Listen to the NLM Director's Comments

Listen to the NLM Director's Comments on "Marijuana’s Clinical Risks, Benefits, and Uncertainties". The transcript is also available.

Some evidence about marijuana’s clinical risks, benefits, and uncertainties are summarized by one of the nation’s leading physician-authors in an essay recently published in the New York Review of Books...

April 2, 2014
A Good Night's Sleep
Illustration of a man with sleeping problems

What's could be better than a good night's sleep? Visit the MedlinePlus sleep disorders topic page to learn about problems that could be preventing you from getting the rest you deserve.