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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

UMLS Video Learning Resources

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UMLS License   2 resources 
Appendix 1: UMLS Source Vocabularies 5 min. Video Tutorial
How to Request a License and Create a UTS Account 5 min. Video Tutorial
Source Vocabularies   3 resources 
UMLS Terminology Services (UTS)   4 resources 
Local Installation of UMLS (MetamorphoSys)   14 resources 
Vocabulary Subset Creation  3  resources
Create a Default Subset 3 min. Video Tutorial
Create a SNOMED CT Only Subset 4 min. Video Tutorial
Create an English Only Subset 4 min. Video Tutorial
Searching and Browsing Your Subset  8  resources
Cluster Views 2 min. Video Tutorial
Find a Code From a CUI 2 min. Video Tutorial
Highlight Search Results 2 min. Video Tutorial
Search by Code 2 min. Video Tutorial
Limit a Search by Source 3 min. Video Tutorial
"Refine Search By" Feature 2 min. Video Tutorial
Restrict Searches and Views Option 7 min. Video Tutorial
UMLS MetamorphoSys Changes (12/01/2009) 45 min. Webinar
Local Database Creation and Management  3  resources
Create a Database Load Script 3 min. Video Tutorial
Using the UMLS Sample Data in MS Access (04/01/2009) 33 min. Webinar
Using the Metathesaurus in a Database  (10/01/2007) 83 min. Webinar
MetaMap   1 resource 
The Current State of MetaMap and MMTx (09/01/2009) 18 min. Webinar
Terminology Mapping   1 resource 
Inter-terminology mapping and the UMLS  (11/01/2007) 54 min. Webinar
RxNorm   4 resources 
An Update of RxNorm (09/28/2011) 55 min. Webinar
RxNav: Browser and Application Programming Interfaces for Drug Information Sources external content icon (02/02/2011) 71 min. Webinar
RxNorm Update, MyMedicationList, and DailyMed (01/01/2009) 54 min. Webinar
RxNorm (02/01/2008) 36 min. Webinar
Semantic Network   1 resource 
The Semantic Network (02/01/2008) 59 min. Webinar
The UMLS in Use   1 resource 
SNOMED CT®   7 resources 
Research   4 resources