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Mesh BrowserQ Fever  WC 625 
QALY  see Quality-Adjusted Life Years
Mesh BrowserQi
In Medicine, Chinese Traditional  WZ 80.5.O6, etc.
Philosophy B 127.C49
Special topics, by subject
Qi Gong  see Breathing Exercises
Qigong  see Breathing Exercises
Mesh BrowserQuackery  WZ 310 
See also Nostrums  QV 772
Quadrantanopsia  see Hemianopsia
Mesh BrowserQuadriceps Muscle  WE 865 
Quadrigeminal Plate  see Tectum Mesencephali
Quadriparesis  see Quadriplegia
Mesh BrowserQuadriplegia  WL 346 
Quadriplegic Infantile Cerebral Palsy  see Cerebral Palsy
Mesh BrowserQualitative Research
General  W 20.5
Special topics, by subject (Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Mesh BrowserQuality-Adjusted Life Years
Demography HB 1322
Special topics, by subject
See also Quality of Life
Quality Assessment, Health Care  see Quality Assurance, Health Care
Mesh BrowserQuality Assurance, Health Care  W 84.4 
Special topics, by subject
Quality Circles  see Management Quality Circles
Mesh BrowserQuality Control
Drugs  QV 771
Public health aspects WA 730
Food (flavor, texture, appearance) TP 372.5
Public health aspects WA 695-722
Health services  W 84.4
Hospitals and health facilities  WX 153
See also Facility Regulation and Control WX 153
Nursing  WY 16
Psychiatry  WM 30.2
Sanitation  WA 672
Of other specialty fields, in the number for the profession, e.g., Dentistry  WU 21
Other particular products or procedures, by subject
See also Reference Standards
See also Total Quality Management
Quality Indicators  see Quality Indicators, Health Care
Mesh BrowserQuality Indicators, Health Care
General  W 84.4
Special topics, by subject
Mesh BrowserQuality of Health Care
General  W 84.4
Hospitals and health facilities  WX 153
Private practice  WB 50
Public health  WA 525-546
See also Professional Staff Committees
Mesh BrowserQuality of Life  WA 30 
Specific topics, by subject
See also Life Style
See also Value of Life
Mesh BrowserQuantum Theory QC 173.96-174.52
Mesh BrowserQuarantine  WA 230 
Law  WA 32-33
Port and maritime  WA 234
Veterinary medicine SF 740
By locality SF 621-723
See also Patient Isolation  WX 167
Quarantine Hospitals  see Hospitals, Special
Mesh BrowserQuaternary Ammonium Compounds
As a detergent  QV 233
Organic chemistry QD 305.A8
See also names of specific compounds
Query Fever  see Q Fever
Mesh BrowserQuestionnaires
Special topics, by subject
Statistical methods in psychology BF 39
See also specific types of surveys
Research (Form number 20 or 20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Quetelet Index  see Body Mass Index
Quetelet's Index  see Body Mass Index
Queuing Theory  see Systems Theory
Quick Test  see Prothrombin Time
Mesh BrowserQuinacrine  QV 258 
Mesh BrowserQuinazolines
As antihypertensive agents  QV 151
Organic chemistry QD 401
Quincke's Edema  see Angioedema
Mesh BrowserQuinidine  QV 155 
Mesh BrowserQuinine
As an antimalarial  QV 257
Used in the treatment of particular diseases, with the disease
Mesh BrowserQuinolines
As anti-infective agents  QV 250
Organic chemistry QD 401
Quinolinones  see Quinolones
Mesh BrowserQuinolones
As anti-infective agents  QV 250
Special topics by subject
Mesh BrowserQuinones
Organic chemistry QD 341.Q4
Quintan Fever  see Trench Fever
Quokkas  see Macropodidae
Quotations  see Aphorisms and Proverbs

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