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NLM Classification 2017: Worldwide source of medical library classification

Class Numbers Added and Canceled    

Class Numbers Added - 2018 Summer Edition
New Number Class Name Former Number(s)
QS 523.1 [Tissue banks] General coverage (Not Table G) QS 523
QS 632 [Embryology] Laws (Table G) None
QS 632.1 [Embryology] General coverage (Not Table G) None
QS 633 [Embryology] Discussion of law (Table G) None
QS 633.1 [Embryology] General coverage (Not Table G) None
QU 24.5 Biological specimen banks (Table G) QU 23-24
QU 24.51 [Biological specimen banks] General coverage (Not Table G) QU 23-24
QU 240 [Nutrition. Vitamins] Popular works None
QZ 185 Chronic disease WT 500
W 86 Health care fraud. Health services misuse W 84-84.8
WA 356 Elder abuse WT 30
WA 487.5.S5 Singers None
WB 102.7 Precision medicine None
WC 503.8 [Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. HIV Infections] Popular works None
WE 24.5 Bone banks (Table G) None
WE 24.51 [Bone banks ] General coverage (Not Table G) None
WG 21.5 [Cardiology] Allied health personnel. Allied health occupations None
WH 24.5 Blood banks (Table G) WH 23-24
WH 24.51 [Blood banks] General coverage (Not Table G) WH 23-24
WI 212 Taste. Taste buds. Taste perception WI 210
WJ 24.5 Sperm banks (Table G) WJ 23-24
WJ 24.51 [Sperm banks] General coverage (Not Table G) WJ 23-24
WM 21.5 [Psychiatry] Allied health personnel. Allied health occupations None
WN 21.5 [Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging] Allied health personnel. Allied health occupations None
WO 21.5 [Surgery] Allied health personnel. Allied health occupations None
WS 80 [Pediatrics] Popular works (General) None
WS 105.5.P8 [Child psychology] Psychological stress WS 350
WS 105.5.S5 Sibling relations WS 105.5.F2
WS 105.5.T4 [Child psychology] Technology and communications media None
WS 106 Exceptional child (General) WS 105.5.C3
WS 106.2 Gifted child WS 350
WS 106.4 Physically disabled child WS 105.5.H2
WS 114 Infant care WS 113
WS 132 [Nutrition] In adolescence WS 115
WS 265 [Pediatrics] Skin and connective tissue diseases WS 260
WS 275 [Pediatrics] Musculoskeletal diseases WS 270
WS 285 [Pediatrics] Respiratory tract diseases WS 280
WS 295 [Pediatrics] Cardiovascular diseases WS 290
WS 305 [Pediatrics] Hemic and lymphatic diseases. Immune system diseases WS 300
WS 311 [Pediatrics] Digestive system diseases WS 310
WS 321 [Pediatrics] Urogenital diseases. Urologic diseases WS 320-322
WS 335 [Pediatrics] Endocrine system diseases WS 330
WS 340.5 [Pediatrics] Nervous system diseases WS 340
WS 341 [Pediatrics] Brain diseases. Brain injuries WS 340
WS 350.3 [Child psychiatry] Behavior therapy WS 350.6
WS 350.33 [Child psychiatry] Drug therapy WS 350.2
WS 350.55 [Child psychiatry] Socioenvironmental therapy WM 428-445
WS 350.7 [Pediatrics] Neurodevelopmental disorders WS 350.6
WS 350.8.A2 [Child psychiatry] Abuse WS 350
WS 367 [Pediatrics] Drug therapy WS 366
WS 370 [Pediatrics] Occupational therapy WS 368
WS 462.5 [Adolescent psychology. Adolescent behavior] Special topics, A-Z None
WS 462.5.A8 [Adolescent psychology] Attitudes and adjustments to life change events (death, illness, divorce, etc.) WS 462
WS 462.5.C7 [Adolescent psychology] Cognition. Fantasy. Imagination WS 462
WS 462.5.C8 [Adolescent psychology] Communication. Verbal behavior WS 462
WS 462.5.D2 [Adolescent psychology] Decision making WS 462
WS 462.5.D3 [Adolescent psychology] Deprivation WS 462
WS 462.5.D8 [Adolescent psychology] Dreams None
WS 462.5.E5 [Adolescent psychology] Emotions WS 462
WS 462.5.E8 [Adolescent psychology] Evaluation of psychological development (General) WS 462
WS 462.5.E9 [Adolescent psychology] Environmental and sociological factors WS 462
WS 462.5.F2 [Adolescent psychology] Family relations None
WS 462.5.I5 [Adolescent psychology] Interpersonal relations WS 462
WS 462.5.M2 [Adolescent psychology] Memory None
WS 462.5.M3 [Adolescent psychology] Mental health WS 462
WS 462.5.M4 [Adolescent psychology] Morals WS 462
WS 462.5.M5 [Adolescent psychology] Motivation WS 462
WS 462.5.M8 [Adolescent psychology] Music None
WS 462.5.P3 [Adolescent psychology] Personality development WS 462
WS 462.5.P7 [Adolescent psychology] Pregnancy. Reproductive behavior WS 462
WS 462.5.P8 [Adolescent psychology] Psychological stress None
WS 462.5.S3 [Adolescent psychology] Self None
WS 462.5.S4 [Adolescent psychology] Sexual behavior WS 462
WS 462.5.S5 [Adolescent psychology] Sibling relations WS 105.5.F2
WS 462.5.S6 [Adolescent psychology] Social behavior WS 462
WS 462.5.T4 [Adolescent psychology] Technology and communications media None
WS 464 [Adolescent psychiatry] Therapy WS 463
WS 465 [Adolescent psychiatry] Behavior therapy WS 463
WS 466 [Adolescent psychiatry] Psychotherapy WS 463
WS 467 [Adolescent psychiatry] Socioenvironmental therapy None
WS 470.A-Z Special topics in adolescent psychiatry None
WS 470.A2 [Adolescent psychiatry] Abuse None
WS 470.A4 [Adolescent psychiatry] Aggression. Violence. Dangerous behavior. Self- injurious behavior WS 463
WS 470.D3 [Adolescent psychiatry] Defense mechanisms None
WS 470.I4 [Adolescent psychiatry] Inhibition None
WS 470.P3 [Adolescent psychiatry] Personality disorders WS 463
WS 470.R9 [Adolescent psychiatry] Runaway behavior WS 463
WS 470.S6 [Adolescent psychiatry] Social behavior disorders WS 463
WT 30.1 [Aged. Socioeconomic factors] General coverage (Not Table G) WT 30
WT 31.5 Medicare WT 31
WT 101 Aged. Health status. Life style (General or not elsewhere classified) Various places
WT 152 [Aged] Psychotherapy WT 150
WT 156 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Diagnosis WT 155
WT 157 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Therapy WT 155
WT 158 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Etiology WT 155
WT 159 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Etiology WT 155
WT 160 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Prevention and control WT 155
WT 161 [Dementia. Alzheimer disease] Psychosocial aspects WT 155
WV 302 Olfactory perception. Smell WV 301

Class Numbers Canceled - 2018 Summer Edition
Canceled Number Class Name Now Classed in
WI 113 [Digestive System] Popular works With topic
WO 75 [Surgery] Popular works (General) With topic
WS 105.5.H2 Disabled child (Psychological problems) WS 106-107
WS 107.5.B4 Biochemistry. Genetics WS 107
WS 107.5.F6 Foster home care WS 105.5.A8
WS 107.5.I4 Institutionalization WS 105.5.H7
WS 350.8.D2 Deception WS 105.5.S6
WS 350.8.I3 Identity Crisis WS 350.8.P3
WS 360 Pediatric gynecology (General) WS 320-321