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NLM Classification 2017: Worldwide source of medical library classification

Class Numbers Added and Canceled    

Class Numbers Added - 2020 Winter Edition
New Number Class Name Former Number(s)
QT 37.5.S6 Smart materials None
QY 230 Hair analysis None
W 68 Right to health (Table G) None
W 68.1 [Right to health] General coverage (Not Table G) None
WH 385 Bone marrow diseases WH 380
WM 30.61 [Community psychiatry. Community mental health services (General)]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WM 30.6
WM 282 Narcotic-related disorders WM 284
WM 420.5.I4 Interpersonal psychotherapy WM 420
WQ 258 [Pregnancy complications] Obesity WQ 240
WV 215 Ear diseases (General or not elsewhere classified) WV 200
WX 160.5 Harassment or violence in health facilities WX 185

Class Numbers Canceled - 2020 Winter Edition
Canceled Number Class Name Now Classed in
W 780 Examination of the living W 775
W 822 Destruction and attempted destruction of the human body W 800-867