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NLM Classification 2017: Worldwide source of medical library classification

Class Numbers Added and Canceled    

Class Numbers Added - 2019 Winter Edition
New Number Class Name Former Number(s)
QU 360 Mitochondria QU 350
QY 70 Clinical laboratory services None
W 70 Health information None
W 273 Vision insurance (Table G) None
W 273.1 [Vision insurance] General coverage (Not Table G) None
WA 327 Child labor (Table G) None
WA 327.1 [Child labor] General coverage (Not Table G) None
WB 148 Asthenia. Cachexia. Wasting syndrome WB 146
WK 802 [Islets of Langerhans] Physiology. Biochemistry WK 800
WM 617 Gender identity. Transsexualism. Transgender persons WM 611, etc.
WM 620 Sexuality. Sexual behavior (General or not elsewhere classified) HQ 12, etc.
WM 620.5 [Sexuality. Sexual behavior] Specific topics, A-Z None
WM 620.5.B5 Bisexuality. Bisexual persons WM 611, etc.
WM 620.5.H4 Heterosexuality. Heterosexual persons HQ 23
WM 620.5.H6 Homosexuality. Homosexual persons WM 611, etc.
WZ 80.5.S4 [History] Sexual and gender minorities WZ 80

Class Numbers Canceled - 2019 Winter Edition
No numbers canceled.