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Catalogue: Theology

Blue arrow pointing to the right Nūr al-sham‘ah fī bayān zuhr al-jam‘ah   (MS A 50, item 2)
(Light of the Candle Regarding the Explanation of the Purity of Friday)
الشمعه فى بيان ظهر الجمعه
by Nūr al-Dīn ‘Alī ibn Ghānim al-Maqdisī al-anafī (d. 1596/1005)
نورالدين على ابن غانم المقدسى الحنفى

Blue arrow pointing to the right al-Qawl fī fal al-fatīah   (MS A 91, item 7)
(Discourse on the Importance of the Opening Verse [of the Qur'an])
القول فى فضل الفتيحة
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