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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site


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State Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Peggy Goodman, M.D.

Peggy Goodman, M.D.

"The challenge of never knowing what's next!"

"I like fixing problems…anybody who walks in the door who needs medical care is someone I can help."
Emergency Medicine
North Carolina

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Photo of Joann Schaefer, M.D.

Joann Schaefer, M.D.

"Crusader Against Domestic Violence"

"To aid in the first breath is an honor. To aid in the last is a privilege. To share in the journey is the reward of a family doctor. It is an honor and a privilege to practice medicine."
Family Medicine

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Photo of Mercy Obeime, M.D.

Mercy Obeime, M.D.

"Serving the underserved, at home and abroad…"

"I always wanted to take care of people, to help people and being a doctor was the way I wanted to do that, plus a couple of doctors were friends of my family…"
Family Medicine

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[3 min, 1 sec]
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Photo of A. Janelle Goetcheus, M.D.

A. Janelle Goetcheus, M.D.

"The Mother Teresa of Washington DC"

"I still feel sadness from seeing so much unnecessary suffering… This country still needs to make a much more fundamental commitment to care for all its people."
Family Practice
District of Columbia

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[1 min, 45 sec]
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Photo of Janice F. Gable, M.D.

Janice F. Gable, M.D.

"…A Tackle Box of Medicine and a will of iron"

"Christ, Kennedy and Albert Schweitzer got me going in this direction. When I found out what was really in this direction, my stubbornness kept me here."
Family Practice

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[3 min, 5 sec]
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Photo of Linda Duston Warren, M.D.

Linda Duston Warren, M.D.

"I guess I am what they call a 'country doc'…"

"I started working at the local hospital when I was fourteen or fifteen and, at sixteen, I decided I wanted to be a doctor — I wanted that relationship with patients."
Family Practice

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[3 min, 12 sec]
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Photo of Jan Kirk Carney, M.D.

Jan Kirk Carney, M.D.

"The Public's Doctor"

"I had a fifth grade teacher who would talk about her husband, who was a hospital intern, so I became really interested in science and medicine, and went on to become a doctor myself!"
Internal Medicine

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[2 min, 57 sec]
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