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Transcript: Healing Totem stops at Seattle, Washington

Betsy Wilson
Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining us at the very beginning of the journey which will be a wonderful journey over the next month or so. I would like to say what a pleasure it is to share the morning with others, all of you here who understand the power of information and art to inform, inspire, and ultimately heal.
Donald Lindberg
It’s called ‘Native Voices’ because for the most part these are recorded interviews with over 100 persons on the rez and in the cities as well who tell their own stories.
[Kauila Clark:]
We will send these tea leaves with the totem, with the truck and with the driver for safe passage.
Ted Mala
Look at the bottom of the totem pole, walk around it, look at the rings in the bottom of the tree and think of all those years that are represented in that tree and to think, this tree was born and grew and saw many generations and a lot of history and life, but its destiny was healing.

See the Exhibition

See the Exhibition

Discover the interconnected relationships between health, illness, and cultural life in Native communities.