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Healing Ways / Medicine Ways / Healing Plants / Devil’s club, also known as Alaskan ginseng (Alutiiq name:…
Color image of a few devil’s club leaves sprouting from the ground.
Devil’s club, also known as Alaskan ginseng (Alutiiq name: Cukilanarpak, Athabascan name: Heshkeghka’a, Tlingit name: Sauthkt. Scientific name: Echinopanaxhorridum)

The most noted uses of devil’s club are for colds, cancer, depression, and stomach problems, and also for broken bones, burns, coughs/chest congestion, and inflammation. It is considered “strong medicine” due to its effects on the psycho-pharma-spiritual aspects, and should be used only under the guidance of a traditional healer.

Courtesy Alaska Plant Materials Center