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Healing Ways / Medicine Ways / Healing Plants / Willow leaves (Alutiiq name: Cuaq; Athabascan name: K’aii…
Color image depicting the branch of a willow tree, which is surrounded by several leafless plants.
Willow leaves (Alutiiq name: Cuaq; Athabascan name: K’aii Iñupiat; name: Uqpik; Yup’ik name: Nuwi’longok. Scientific name: Salix spp.), 2011

Willow leaves are used in a poultice or bath for skin infections or irritations and the leaves can be chewed and placed on insect bites for pain relief. Willow ash can be sprinkled on severe burns or to prevent infections in cuts. Willow is used in some forms of over-the-counter aspirin. Willow aspirin compounds are organic and less volatile than their chemically made counterparts.

Courtesy Alaska Plant Materials Center