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Color painting of a Native American mother with her baby, wrapped in a traditional cradleboard, strapped to her back. The border of the painting depicts thunderbirds/eagles, flowers, and a row of wigwams.
Spirit of Eagles medicine wheel, by Chholing Taha, 2010
  1. The four colors of man at the top are expressed in the form of pictograph thunderbirds or eagles, honoring the wisdom of all the Elders from all nations.
  2. The blue flowers in the border illustrate the many plant medicines Creator has left for man to heal the community, family and person.
  3. The light blue thunderbirds/eagles represent the positive influence the Spirit of the Ancestors (wisdom from experience) has from infancy to adulthood.
  4. The group of wigwams at the bottom speaks of the importance of community commitment and collaboration, the foundation for holding all people upright for healthy living.

—Chholing Taha, Cree Indian Artist

Courtesy National Library of Medicine