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Timeline / Defining Rights and Responsibilities / 1912: Territory of Alaska gains congressional delegate

1912: Territory of Alaska gains congressional delegate

The Organic Act of 1912 renames the District of Alaska the Territory of Alaska. This status gives Alaska representation in the federal government through a congressional delegate. It also establishes a territorial legislature, but restricts it from management of land, fishing, and hunting. Alaska Natives do not have the vote, and cannot participate in elections.

Federal-Tribal Relations
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James Wickersham, 1910, Alaska's non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives, U.S. Congress

Courtesy Alaska State Library Photograph Collection

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Article from the Fairbanks News, March 17, 1909, about the seating of James Wickersham in the U.S. House of Representatives; Wickersham served seven terms as Alaska’s non-voting delegate to Congress.

Courtesy Alaska State Library, Wickersham State Historic Sites Photograph Collection