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Timeline / Reshaping America / 1828: Medical missionary arrives in Hawai‘i

1828: Medical missionary arrives in Hawai‘i

Dr. Gerritt P. Judd, a medical missionary, arrives in the Hawaiian Islands, intending to treat Native Hawaiians for the diseases introduced by explorers and businessmen. He immerses himself in the Hawaiian community, becoming a fluent speaker of Hawaiian.

Dr. Judd becomes an adviser to and supporter of King Kamehameha III, marching at his side during processions in Honolulu. In time, he becomes an advocate for the sovereignty of the Hawaiian monarchy.


Princes Alexander ‘Iolani Liholiho Keawenu (Kamehameha IV) and Lot Kapu?iwa (Kamehameha V) with Dr. Gerrit P. Judd (center)

Courtesy Hawai‘i State Archives