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Timeline / Defining Rights and Responsibilities / 1879: U.S. assigns health care at boarding schools

1879: U.S. assigns health care at boarding schools

The Office of Indian Affairs, recognizing that epidemics are decimating boarding school student populations, assigns medical doctors to attend to students at off-reservation boarding schools.

Epidemics, Federal-Tribal Relations
California, Great Basin, Great Plains, Northeast, Northwest Coast, Plateau, Southeast, Southwest

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Sac and Fox Indian Boarding and Mission School, Sac and Fox Agency, Indian Territory (Oklahoma), 1875

Courtesy Oklahoma Historical Society

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Chickasaw Girls Boarding School, Sulphur, Oklahoma

Courtesy Oklahoma Historical Society, Joe Colbert Collection

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Shawnee Boarding School, Oklahoma, 1880s

Courtesy Oklahoma Historical Society

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Boarding School, Pine Ridge Agency, Dakota, 1884

Courtesy National Archives and Records Administration