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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1998 July-August; 303

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dotTechnical Notes - e1

Impact of the NLM ILS on CATLINE® /AVLINE® /SERLINE® - e2

CANCERLIT® and PDQ® To Be Removed from the NLM Databases - Available from NCI's Web Site - e3

Introducing Internet Grateful Med Version 2.6 [corrected 1998/11/24] - e4

NLM Online Training Program - 1999 - e5

Gold Standard Search - e6

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Technical Notes

Correction to the May-June 1998 NLM Technical Bulletin article titled MLA 1998 (in the DOCLINE Users'meeting Questions and Answers section)

The article titled "MLA 1998", in the DOCLINE Questions and Answers section, published in the May-June1998 NLM Technical Bulletin contained the following erratum.

The sentence in the second paragraph stated:

With the new SERHOLD system, which is tentatively scheduled for implementation Summer, 1998, NLM plans that each library who wants to update their holdings will have the rights to do so.

The date should read 1999 and has been corrected in the May-June issue to reflect the correct date.

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On June 18, 1998, TRI96 joined TRI87-95 to become the tenth file in the Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) series of files on TOXNET. TRI96 covers data from the 1996 Reporting Year. As mandated by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA), EPA collects data from facilities around the country on estimated releases of certain chemicals to the environment (air, water, land, underground injection), as well as data related to source reduction and recycling activities.

Starting with the 1996 Reporting Year, a new subfield, Underground Injection Well Class Code (UINJC), was added which corresponds to the type of well disposal used for the toxic chemical at the facility. The three possible values are UI0 underground injection on-site to all wells for TRI87-95, UI1- underground injection on-site to class I wells, and UI2 underground injection on-site to class II-V wells. Two new codes, D75 RCRA Subtitle C landfills and D76 other landfills, were added to the existing list of possible Land Disposal Method values (LANDM).

For TRI96, EPA has delisted two chemicals, diethyl phthalate and bis(2-ethylhexyl) adipate, also known as di-(2-ethylhexyl) adipate. Also, non-aerosol forms of hydrochloric acid are no longer reported in TRI96.

All updates to TRI backfiles have been completed and are now available online. For further information on TRI96 or TOXNET, please contact the TRI Representative at (301) 496-6531.

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Free TOXNET Web Interface

The new free-of-charge World Wide Web interface to all TOXNET databases is now available at

Users can readily extract toxicology data and literature references, as well as toxic chemical release information by searching for specific chemicals or subject terms. A variety of display options are offered, including sending results by e-mail or FTP. Links are provided for Internet Grateful Med, PubMed, and other sources of toxicological information. Future links for chemical structure searching and other tools are planned.

Fee-based direct (command-line) searching will still be available for users lacking Web access.

NLM would appreciate hearing your comments on this new Web interface. Please direct your e-mail to TOXNET User Support at

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