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PubChem: An Entrez Database of Small Molecules - e2
Entrez databases link small organic molecules to bioactivity assays, PubMed abstracts, and protein sequences and structures.
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My NCBI Replaces the Cubby: Includes Automatic E-mailing of Search Updates and Filters - e3
New features in PubMed.
[Article updated on January 27, 2005.]
[Article updated on February 3, 2005.]
[Article updated on February 25, 2005.]
[Article updated on March 11, 2005.]
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New Look for PubMed® Screen - e4
New file tab format in PubMed.
[Article updated on February 3, 2005.]
[Article updated on March 11, 2005.]
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PubMed Central®: New Journals Participating and New Content Added - e5
New journals participating and content from already-participating journals has been added.
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Full Journal Name Option for PubMed® Retrieval - e6
Identify journals in PubMed results.
[Article updated on February 1, 2005.]
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TOXMAP: A Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool for Exploring Environmental Health Data - e7
Map-based portal to NLM environmental health resources.
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New LinkOut Library Icons Option: Display on Free Full Text Citations - e8
Automatically assign your library icon to all PubMed citations with free full text links.
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Technical Notes: e1

New Clinical Alert Issued

MedlinePlus® Adds New Features

Cubby to be Deactivated

Displaying LinkOut and Outside Tool Icons When Using Single Citation Matcher and Clinical Queries

New Default Name for PubMed's® Send to File
[Editor's Note added 3/11/2005]

AHRQ Evidence Reports and Summaries Added to NCBI Bookshelf

Updated NLM Fact Sheet: Errata, Retraction, Duplicate Publication, Comment, Update and Patient Summary Policy for MEDLINE®

AHRQ Technical Reviews and Summaries Added to NCBI Bookshelf

PubMed® Subject Subset Strategies Updated

SAMHSA/CSAT Treatment Improvement Protocol Added to NCBI Bookshelf

Saving Searches with History Search Numbers in My NCBI: Problem Resolved

Journals Database Links Menu Enhanced

NLM Training: Getting Started with LinkOut March 15, 2005, Bethesda, MD

NCBI Bookshelf AHRQ Evidence Report Summaries Available for Handheld Computers

New Shorter URL for the NLM Catalog

Addition of My NCBI to the NLM Catalog

Updated Training Manuals Available

Meeting Abstracts Added to the NLM Gateway

Default filter, Review, Added for All PubMed® Users

Issue Completed February 25, 2005
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