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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1998 Sep-Oct; 304

In This Issue:

Technical Notes - e1

dotYear-End Processing - e2

YEP of Stored and Saved Searches, Changes to Automatic SDI's and Saved Searches - ELHILL MEDLARS System - e3

Farewell to Gratefully Yours - e4

The Year-2000 Solution for ELHILL and the MEDLARS Databases - e5

MeSH Coming Attractions - e6

AVLINE® and CATLINE® Data to be Removed from Other NLM Databases [corrected 1999/02/09] - e7

MeSH on the Web - e8


List of MeSH Heading Pre-explosions

List of Subheading Pre-explosions

MEDLINE - 1999 Weekly Update Schedule on ELHILL

AIDSLINE - 1999 Weekly Update Schedule on ELHILL

HealthSTAR - 1999 Weekly Update Schedule on ELHILL

NLM Databases - 1999 Monthly Update Schedule on ELHILL

1999 NLM Pricing Algorithm Chart - [This link was removed because it is no longer valid.]

MEDLARS Pricing Schedule

Current Issue


Back Issues


Year-End Processing

MEDLINE® and MEDLINE Backfile ELHILL Configuration - 1999

During 1998 Year-End Processing, all citations published in 1995 or earlier will be pulled from MEDLINE and placed in the appropriate ELHILL Backfiles. The MEDLINE "front" file on ELHILL will cover 1996 forward and the 1995 citations will be moved into MED93. The primary dates of coverage for MEDLINE and its Backfiles on ELHILL for 1999 will be as shown below effective December 14, 1998:

File AliasesCoverage

MED93M93, BACK93, B931993-1995
MED90M90, BACK90, B901990-1992
MED85M85, BACK85, B851985-1989
MED80M80, BACK80, B801980-1984
MED75M75, BACK75, B751975-1979
MED66M66, BACK66, B661966-1974

Reminder to searchers: PubMed searches MEDLINE, PREMEDLINE® and all Backfiles at one time. Internet Grateful Med 2.6.1 now uses PubMed to search MEDLINE. So searchers who use the IGM and PubMed interfaces do not need to remember the Backfile configuration, because their searches will be run against the complete file unless they choose to limit to a particular year or range of years.

Database Update Information for 1999
The 1999 NLM update schedules for ELHILL databases are published as Appendixes C, D, E, and F in this issue.

--prepared by Jan Willis
MEDLARS Management Section

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