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Non-MEDLINE Records

  • Some of the citations received electronically from publishers may never become MEDLINE citations.
  • These records are not assigned MeSH terms because they do not go through the indexing process.
  • These records may have either the status tag [PubMed] or [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] and remain in PubMed even though they are not MEDLINE citations.
  • There are three sources of these types of records:
PMID 14615535

1. Out-of-scope Articles from selectively indexed MEDLINE journals

  • This may occur when a particular article in a
    selectively indexed journal is out-of-scope for MEDLINE (such as a geology article in a general scientific journal like Science or Nature).
  • These citations have been reviewed for accurate bibliographic data.
  • The status tag [PubMed] appears on these citations.

Note: Indexing information for a particular journal can be found in the NLM Catalog using the Journal Search. While viewing an abstract in PubMed, click on the journal title and select NLM Catalog to access this information.

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