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Your PubMed Search History is available on the Advanced Search page. [Show Me]

This page shows your search strategies and number of items found for each seach.

The search statement numbers can be combined with each other or with new search terms using Boolean logic (e.g., #1 AND #2).

  • The History section displays:
    • The search statement number which is also a link [Show Me]. This link expands a menu with options for adding the search to the search box, deleting the search from history, showing the search results, showing the search details, and saving the search in My NCBI.
    • An option to Add the search to the search builder at the top of the page. [Show Me]
    • Your query.
    • The number of items found.
    • The time the query was run.

  • History can hold a maximum of 100 search statements. Once that number is reached, PubMed will remove the oldest search to add the most current.

  • PubMed will move a search statement number to the top of the History if the new search is the same as a previous search.

  • Search History is automatically lost after 8 hours of inactivity.

  • Download history will create a file of your search history in .csv format. [Show Me]

  • Clear history link to remove all searches from the History. [Show Me] Use the Delete option from the search statement number menu to delete an individual search from History.
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