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Display Formats: Abstract Format

Clicking on the title of the article in the Summary display will take you to the full record display or Abstract format.

Citations displayed in Abstract format provide the summary information in addition to:

  • Author names as “search links” to author searches. [Show Me]

  • The affiliation (address) of the authors at the time of publication. NOTE: Only the first author's affiliation is included for records added prior to 2014.[Show Me]

  • Abstract, if one is present, from the published article. [Show Me]

  • Annotations to associated citations (e.g., errata), if present.

  • A preview of images from the article from PubMed Central, if available. [Show Me]

  • Links to full-text of the article at provider's Web site or PubMed Central, if available. [Show Me]

  • Links to Related Citations. [Show Me]

  • Links to related resources in external sources (LinkOut). [Show Me]


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