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Medical Subject Headings

What's New What's New in MeSH

  • MeSH on Demand which is a new tool that can automatically identify relevant MeSH terms from text such as an abstract or grant summary is now available.

  • 2014 MeSH in XML format is available for download. It is also available in ASCII format and MARC formats.

  • Jerry Onyeader returned for a second year as a summer student intern in the MeSH Section. This year he embarked on an ambitious project that involved updating MeSH protein records with information obtained from curated genome databases. His work focused on proteins from the model organism C. elegans and was very productive. He is starting his freshman year at the University of Maryland this fall.

  • The MeSH Browser has been updated and is now Section 508 compliant .

  • John Kilbourne, MD has been selected as the Head of the Medical Subject Headings Section.

  • Due to the ever increasing number of concepts and terms in MeSH, it is necessary to increase the number of unique identifiers available for the MeSH vocabulary. Thus, the length of the unique identifier for elements such as Descriptors and Supplementary Concept Records will expand from 7 to 10 characters. 8-character unique identifiers will expand to 10 characters. These changes will begin for unique identifiers created beginning April 15, 2013. The format of existing unique identifiers will not be changed.

    Record Type Existing Unique Identifiers Future Unique Identifiers
    Descriptor D064418 Dnnnnnnnnn
    SCR C578561 Cnnnnnnnnn
    Concept M0581777 Mnnnnnnnnn
    Term T837922 Tnnnnnnnnn