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Medical Subject Headings

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New concepts and terms related to PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS for 2024 MeSH

Stress-related Concepts MeSH ID #   Stress-related Concepts MeSH ID #
Coping Skills D000097813   Psychological Recovery D000223
   Cognitive Coping D000097813      Positive Adaptation D000223
   Proactive Coping D000097813      Healthy Adaptation D000223
   Behavioral Coping D000097813   Resilient Responses D055500
  Approach Coping D000097813     Stress Immunity D055500
   Social Coping D000097813   Selective Attention D001288
   Anticipatory Coping D000097813   Physical Neglect D002649
   Coping Potential D000097813      Neglect Experiences D002649
   Primary Coping D000097813   Abuse Experiences D004552
   Constructive Coping D000097813   Threat Cues D005239
Emotional Exhaustion D000097815      Threat Sensitivity D005239
Job Security D000097814   School Shooting D000078402
   Job Retention D000097814   Life Crisis D008016
   Job Tenure D000097814   Job Control D000073397
   Job Stability D000097814   Parenting Stress Index D011581
Media Exposure D000097822   Discriminatory Practices D063508
Medical Neglect D000097824   Exposure to Discrimination D063508
Psychological Growth D000097812   Stress Experience D013315
   Stress-Related Growth D000097812     Stress Measures D013315
  Mental Growth D000097812     Stress Processes D013315
   Growth Opportunities D000097812      Cumulative Stress D013315
Role Conflict D000097823      Stress Measurement D013315
Subjective Stress D000097844      Stressful Conditions D013315
Time Pressure D000098002      Stress Overload D013315
Financial Strain D000086522      Individual Stressors D013315
   Socioeconomic Adversity D000086522   Physical Trauma D014947
Insufficient Financial Resources D000086522   Physical Attacks D014754

Last Reviewed: December 21, 2023