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What's New in MeSH


2021 MeSH Descriptor Files are now in production

We have completed our work on the 2021 MeSH Descriptor production release. You can now view 2021 MeSH headings using the MeSH Browser

Changes to MeSH Terminology for 2021

  • New Headings with Scope Notes, Annotations and Tree Locations:
       Two Column PDF File
       One Column PDF File
  • 2021 MeSH heading by Category
       Two Column PDF File
       One Column PDF File
  • 2021 MeSH Preferred Term Changes PDF File
  • Terms Moving (promoted) from Supplemental Records to Descriptors XLSX File
  • Terms Moving (split) from one Supplemental Record to another Supplemental Record XLSX File
  • Tree Counts by Category PDF File
  • Entry Combinations by MeSH Tree PDF File
  • 2021 MeSH Publication Characteristics PDF File

2021 MeSH Hierarchy

MeSH main headings are listed by a tree number system that places the headings in a hierarchical arrangement. The MeSH trees can be visualized and navigated using the MeSH Browser

  • New Headings by major Tree Category: PDF File

Last Reviewed: January 7, 2021