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Ketham, Johannes de. Fasiculo de medicina. (Venice: Zuane & Gregorio di Gregorii, 1494).

Johannes de Ketham was a German physician living in Italy at the end of the fifteenth century. Little is known about him, but he has been identified by many as a physician practicing in Vienna in 1460 named Johannes von Kirchheim.

Fasiculo de medicina is a translation into Italian by Sebastiano Manilio of Ketham's monumental Fasciculus medicinae, which was first published in Venice in 1491. Fasciculus medicinae was the first printed book to contain anatomical illustrations. The Italian translation contains illustrations made from new woodcuts which are superior in quality than the older, Latin edition, as well as some new illustrations and new text. The text itself is actually a collection of short medical treatises edited by Ketham, many of which are from the medieval period.

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