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Sarlandière, Jean-Baptiste. Anatomie méthodique, ou Organographie humaine en tableaux synoptiques, avec figures. (Paris: Chez les libraires de médecine, et chez l'auteur, 1829).

Jean-Baptiste Sarlandière was born in Aix-la-Chapelle in 1787 into a family of physicians. He trained while a youth under his father and showed so much ability that at the age of 16 he was admitted as a student to the hospital at Noirmoutiers. His training was interrupted, however, by eleven years of military service under Napoleon, from 1803 to 1814. Afterward, he moved to Paris, where he took up his studies again and was appointed physician at a military hospital there. He was finally awarded his degree in medicine in June, 1815. Inspired by his colleague François Magendie, Sarlandière took an interest in physiology, and the two collaborated on a number of projects. Having authored many works and been awarded corresponding memberships in a number of European medical societies, he died suddenly in Enghien on July 25, 1838 while putting the finishing touches on his noted work, Traité du système nerveux.

Anatomie méthodique, ou Organographie humaine consists of 17 leaves of text and 15 leaves of color lithographed plates depicting human anatomy based upon Sarlandière's dissections. As stated on the title page, his intended audience ranged from physicians and surgeons and their students to students of painting and sculpture. The noted artist Louis Courtin (fl. 1809–1841) created the drawings and some of the lithography, though most of the plates attribute the lithographic work to Delaporte. In some copies, the illustrations are in black and white only. In 1831, the work was published in Latin, under the title, Anatomia methodica, and in 1835 and 1837 it was published in New York in English under the title Systematized anatomy.

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