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Inside Detective, May 1935
Edwin W. Teale, "Now Real Detectives Beat Sherlock Holmes," Popular Science Monthly, August 1931
Edwin W. Teale, "Hidden Crime Clues Bared by Chemist's Magic," Popular Science Monthly, November 1931
Edwin W. Teale, "Weird Unseen Rays Trap Master Crooks," Popular Science Monthly, October 1931
Inkless Stainless G-Men Fingerprint Set. No. 110,  New York Toy & Game Mfg. Co., 1937
Photo Crime, the Crime Club Photo Game, Series 3, Castell Brothers, Ltd., London, about 1940
Arthur B. Reeve, The War Terror, New York; Artist: Will Foster, 1915
Ray Bradbury "Touch and Go," Crime SuspenStories 17, New York, 1952; facsimile reprint, Gemstone Publishing, 1996; Artist: Johnny Craig
In his laboratory, Sherlock Holmes meets Watson., 1986
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Inside Detective, May 1935
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Riding the Forensic Wave

Inside Detective, May 1935
"True crime" magazines flourished in the middle decades of the 20th century and often included descriptions of forensic scientific investigation.
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