Radio Interviews

Reported by Eric Niiler. All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 3 February 2003.
National Public Radio correspondent Eric Niiler details the process of identifying the remains of the seven astronauts aboard the Columbia space shuttle. Topics include the techniques NASA used to identify the bodies such as dental records, blood type, fingerprints and, DNA.
Reported by Larry Abramson. Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 15 May 2003.
In this episode of Morning Edition, National Public Radio correspondent Larry Abramson discusses the need for forensic professionals in crime laboratories across the country, despite advancements in DNA examining technology.
Reported by Cathy Duchamp. Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 26 December 2002.
Cathy Duchamp from National Public Radio member station KUOW reports on a 25-year-old science teacher's efforts to pique her students' interest in forensic science with television shows.
Hosted by Madeleine Brand with guest David Kestenbaum. All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 27 October 2002.
Host Madeleine Brand talks to National Public Radio science correspondent David Kestenbaum about forensic evidence that may have been overlooked in the Washington-area sniper case.
Reported by Christopher Joyce. All Things Considered, National Public Radio, 14 September 2001.
In this episode of All Things Considered , National Public Radio correspondent Christopher Joyce explains how medical examiners at crash sites at the Pentagon, in Pennsylvania, and in New York approached the grim task of matching body parts to determine the identities of 9/11 victims.
Hosted by Ira Flatow with guest Max Houck. Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, 11 April 2003.
Host Ira Flatow talks with Max Houck, projects director of West Virginia University's Forensic Science Initiative, about the role of forensic scientists in the Iraq War.
Hosted by Lynn Neary. Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, October 23, 2002.
In response to television shows that glamorize the forensic science professions, Talk of the Nation guest host Lynn Neary demystifies the field of forensics and provides a realistic look at the careers of scientists who solve crimes.
Hosted by Ira Flatow with guests Michael Baden, Herbert MacDonnell, and Jessica Snyder Sachs. Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, 7 September 2001.
This installment of Talk of the Nation explores the processes that forensic scientists use to identify causes of death, victims, and perpetrators of murder cases.
Reported by Christopher Joyce. Weekend Edition, National Public Radio, 25 March 2006.
Christopher Joyce reports on the Visible Proofs exhibition and the history of forensics. There are also links to other related NPR stories.