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Catalogue: Medical Therapeutics

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There were numerous therapeutic manuals concerned with the diagnosis and treatments of a specific ailment, such as fevers, or hemorrhoids, or stomach complaints, or pain in the joints. NLM has an important copy of a treatise on combating forgetfulness by the 9th-century scholar Isāq ibn unayn as well as a unique copy of a treatise on skin diseases written in the 11th century by Ibn al-Kattānī. The treatise by Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna) on colic is preserved in many copies, of which NLM has one example. Hemorrhoids was a topic of considerable concern to medieval populations, and NLM has a copy of a treatise written on the topic by Maimonides in the 12th century and another on the topic composed in the 16th century by al-Qawūnī. The treatise concerned with pain in the joints by al-Samarqandī, who died in 1222, is also represented as well as an 18th-century treatise on the treatment of fevers by al-Shābūri. There are also two anonymous and untitled tracts, one on fevers and one on vomiting, in the collections.

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