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Catalogue: Plague Tracts

Blue arrow pointing to the right A Note on Plague Tracts

Blue arrow pointing to the right ‘Umdat al-rāwīn fī bayān akām al-awā‘īn   (MS A 80)
(The Authority of the Narrators Concerning the Explanation of the Principles of Plagues)
عمدة الراوين فى بيان احكام الطواعين
by Abū ‘Abd Allāh Muammad ibn Muammad ibn al-aāb al-Malikī al-Ru‘aynī (d. 1547/954)
محمد ابن محمد ابن الحطاب الملكى الرعينى

Blue arrow pointing to the right Risālat al-Shifā’ li-adwā’ al-wabā’   (MS A 77)
(Healing with Plague Drugs)
رسالة الشفاء لادواء الوباء
by Abū al-Khayr ibn Muli al-Din Muafá āshköprüzāde (d. 1560/968)
ابو الخير ابن مصلح الدين مصطفى طاشكوبروزاده
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