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Many Paths: Intersections of Traditional and Western Healing

The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center

The Dr. Agnes Kalaniho‘okaha Cope Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing Center, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, provides a range of traditional healing practices offered by master practitioners. A Council of Elders oversees the practices, which are located onsite alongside Western primary medical care and comprehensive health and wellness services.

All practices start with Pule and Oli (prayer and chant). The Native practices at the Traditional Healing Center include:

  • Lomilomi, or Hawaiian massage
  • La‘au Lapa‘au, healing with herbal medicine
  • La‘au Kahea, spiritual healing
  • Pale Keiki, art of midwifery
  • Ho‘oponopono, family conflict resolution and counseling
  • Pule, healing through prayer
  • Haha, healing through diagnostic observation
  • He Ike Papalua, extrasensory perception or second sight