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H?k?le‘a / H?k?le‘a: An Icon of… / Benjamin Young, M.D. Ship’s doctor, H?k?le‘a maiden…
Color image of Benjamin Young, M.D. wearing glasses and a patterned, button-up shirt.
Benjamin Young, M.D. Ship’s doctor, H?k?le‘a maiden voyage, return leg (Tahiti to Hawai‘i)

Benjamin Young was one of two ship’s doctors on the H?k?le‘a’s maiden voyage in 1976, taking over the return leg from Tahiti to Hawai‘i after David Lewis, M.D. served the outward leg. All H?k?le‘a voyages have included a ship’s doctor for the health and well being of the crew. A total of twenty-one physicians and other medical personnel have participated in H?k?le‘a voyages to date.

Courtesy National Library of Medicine