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2007 JULY–AUGUST; 357
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August 30, 2007 [posted]
December 08, 2011 [Editor's note added]

Additional Grant Number Information from the United Kingdom

[Editor's note added December 08, 2011. Arthritis Research Campaign has changed its name to Arthritis Research UK. For more information, see United Kingdom Funding Agency Arthritis Research Campaign Changes Its Name.]

with the implementation of the United Kingdom Manuscript Submission System
(UKMSS), additional grant number information was added to MEDLINE®/PubMed® records in mid-August.

Granting Agencies from the United Kingdom

There are eight United Kingdom granting agencies that may appear on records from manuscripts that designate financial support. The eight agencies are:

Arthritis Research Campaign
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
British Heart Foundation
Cancer Research UK
Chief Scientist Office
Department of Health
Medical Research Council
Wellcome Trust


Wellcome Trust as a funding agency has been added to the grant field of MEDLINE/PubMed citations since mid-2005 and grant numbers since early 2006. This information has been added from published articles as well as from the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system. These procedures will continue and, in addition, Wellcome Trust grant numbers will be added from the UKMSS. For the other seven United Kingdom granting agencies, at this time the grant numbers will only be coming from the United Kingdom Manuscript Submission System and the NIH Manuscript Submission system. NLM® expects grant information for the remaining seven granting agencies will be added from published papers sometime later this calendar year.

PubMed Display

When viewing the records in PubMed, the format for the United Kingdom grant number information will be:

Grant number/United Kingdom Name of Granting Agency

"United Kingdom" will be placed in front of the name of the granting agency to indicate the home country of the funding source. For example, using the Citation display format:

Grant Support:
  • 17356/United Kingdom Arthritis Research Campaign
Grant Support:
  • PG/03/034/15234/United Kindom British Heart Foundation

"United Kingdom" will also be added to the Grant Number (GR) field on existing citations that have Wellcome Trust grant information. There are fewer than 500 in process citations that do not yet have "United Kingdom" in the Grant Number field. These items will be updated as processing completes during the next few weeks.

Searching Grant Numbers

You may search on the United Kingdom grant numbers:

17356 [gr]
pg/03/034/15234 [gr]

You may search on the eight granting United Kingdom agency names with or without United Kingdom, e.g.:

united kingdom arthritis research campaign [gr]
arthritis research campaign [gr]

To find a specific grant number from a particular funding agency, use the full format, e.g.:

17356/united kingdom arthritis research campaign [gr]

This will ensure that the number is associated with the funding agency, and prevent false drops if the same base numbering system happens to be used by more than one funding agency.

Searchers may wish to isolate the citations from all of these eight United Kingdom granting agencies, i.e.:

united kingdom [gr]

Other Information

Multiple versions of the same intellectual grant number may appear on one citation (one from the published article and another from the manuscript submission systems). For example, the basic 6-digit string of the Wellcome Trust number may be followed by characters that indicate varying accounting information or be preceded by alphabetic characters. An algorithm used by PubMed provides additional search versions for Wellcome Trust and NIH grant numbers in an attempt to adjust for variations in the way authors cite their grant numbers. For example, these Wellcome Trust grant numbers:


would be retrieved by these searches:

067427 [gr]
074829 [gr]

Please note that grant numbers from the remaining seven United Kingdom agencies must be searched in their entirety:

pg/03/034/15234 [gr]

A search link in the PubMed Citation display is also available to conduct an automatic search of other citations having the same grant number string (see Search Links Added to PubMed® Displays. NLM Tech Bull. 2005 Sep-Oct;(346):e5.). Please note, search links only retrieve the specific format shown, i.e., variations with or without accounting information or alpha characters will not be retrieved.

The corresponding research support Publication Type (PT) for these United Kingdom granting agencies is Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't. NLM adds this PT based on the information found in the published journal article. Therefore, if the grant number comes only from the manuscript submission systems and the funding is not mentioned in the article, then the PT will not be added to the citation. The recommended PubMed search for non-U.S. Government funded research now is:

research support, non-u.s. gov't [pt] OR united kingdom [gr]

Be aware that grant numbers, along with the corresponding research support Publication Type, can appear on in process citations.

By Janet R. Zipser
MEDLARS Management Section
Lou Wave S. Knecht
Bibliographic Services Division

Zipser JR, Knecht LS. Additional Grant Number Information from the United Kingdom. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 May-Jun; (357):e3.

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