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February 02, 2006 [posted]
February 10, 2006 [Sentence modified]
February 10, 2006 [Editor's note added]

Transliterated/Vernacular Title Search Added to PubMed®

[Editor's Note: This feature was implemented in PubMed on February 6, 2006.]

The Transliterated/Vernacular Title field in PubMed will soon be available to search. (This article refers to the Transliterated/Vernacular Title as Transliterated Title and the Limits pull-down menu in PubMed also uses Transliterated Title.) This field contains the title of each item originally published in a non-English language, in that language. [The following sentence was modified on February 10, 2006.] Non-Roman alphabet language titles were transliterated through 2004 publication date. These titles display on the MEDLINE format with the TT tag (see Figure 1).

Enter the search term in the PubMed search box followed by the Transliterated Title search tag, [tt] (see Figure 2).

The Transliterated Title index is populated using transliterated and vernacular titles from non-English language PubMed citations, if available. You may browse this index on the Preview/Index screen. Please note that the Transliterated Title is not included in All Fields or Text Word retrieval so users must search terms with the [tt] search tag. Some OLDMEDLINE citations for articles originally published in a non-English language lack the TT field.

Canese K. Transliterated/Vernacular Title Search Added to PubMed®. NLM Tech Bull. 2006 Jan-Feb;(348):e4.

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