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January 15, 2010 [posted]

Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives Added to Special Queries

The NLM® Special Queries page now includes a link to a new subject page on Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives: By Organization. This page lists, in chart form, guidelines for reporting the results of research in several biomedical disciplines. The Research Reporting Guidelines Search link offers a MEDLINE®/PubMed® search strategy including subject terms related to the organizations responsible for developing these guidelines. At this time, the search strategy retrieves 1700 citations in PubMed.

Research reporting guidelines usually "specify a minimum set of items required for a clear and transparent account of what was done and what was found in a research study, reflecting, in particular, issues that might introduce bias into the research" (adapted from the EQUATOR Network Resource Centre).

The Special Queries page can also be accessed from the PubMed homepage by clicking on the Topic-Specific Queries link under PubMed Tools.

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A special thanks to the following NLM staff for their assistance in developing the Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives page and MEDLINE/PubMed search:

By Wanda Whitney
Reference and Web Services Section

Whitney W. Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives Added to Special Queries. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 Jan-Feb;(372):e5.

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