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2007 MARCH–APRIL; 355
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April 19, 2007 [posted]

NLM® Classification 2007 Edition Now Available

t he NLM Classification, available online at //, incorporates all additions and changes to the schedules and index from April 2006 through March 2007. The PDF version, originally launched October 2006 (see NLM® Classification Now Available in PDF Format. NLM Tech Bull. 2006 Nov-Dec; (353):e1), has been updated with 2007 classification data. The 2007 edition also includes a revised animated tutorial (Quick Tour) on searching the NLM Classification.

Major Changes

The WC (Communicable diseases) schedule was the major area of focus for the 2007 edition:

Some class number captions were revised to reflect current Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terminology. For example:
  • At WC 240, Septicemia was changed to Sepsis.
  • At WC 400, Spirochete infections was changed to Spirochaetales infections.

A few instructional notes were added or modified to clarify classification practices. For example:
  • At WC 142, the caption was changed from Control measures to Public health control measures, e.g., Contact tracing.

Class Numbers Added - 2007

New Number
Class Name
Former Number
QU Biochemistry
QU 328 Embryonic stem cells QU 325
WC Communicable Diseases
WC 755.1 General coverage (Not Table G) [Malaria epidemiology] WC 755
WF Respiratory System
WF 205.1 General coverage (Not Table G) [Tuberculosis epidemiology] WF 205
WY Nursing
WY 23 Collective (Institutes, etc.) Various
WY 24 Individual (Cutter from name of institution) Various
WY 170 Forensic Nursing WY 150

Class Numbers Canceled - 2007

Canceled Number
Class Name
New Number
WC Communicable Diseases
WC 593 Cat-scratch disease WC 640

Other Changes to the Schedule

Changes to the Index

Forty-five new index entries were created of which twenty-seven are from the 2007 MeSH; the remainder are MeSH terms from previous years.

Numerous main index entries and cross references were modified to reflect changes in the MeSH vocabulary. In particular, some major categories of index terms affected by MeSH changes were:

Nutrition terms, e.g.,
Child Nutrition to Child Nutrition Physiology

Male versus Female distinction, e.g.,
Circumcision changed to Male Circumcision

Bladder terms, e.g.:
Bladder Diseases to Urinary Bladder Diseases

Various instructional notes were added to index entries to clarify classification practices. For example, to account more fully for their microbiology or public health aspects, classification guidance has been added to the index under certain food and beverage terms.

All index entries pertaining to the aforementioned schedule additions and changes were modified.

To learn more about the NLM Classification see the Fact Sheet.

By Sharon R. Willis
Cataloging Section, Technical Services Division

Willis SR. NLM® Classification 2007 Edition Now Available. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 Mar-Apr;(355):e13.

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