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2008 MARCH–APRIL No. 361
April 14, 2008 [posted]

MEDLINE® Milestone - 15 Millionth Journal Citation

o n February 4, 2008 MEDLINE attained a major milestone when the 15 millionth journal citation, counting from 1966 data forward, was added to the database.

If all citations now labeled as MEDLINE, including all those created from the OLDMEDLINE project (pre-1966 that have now had all their old keywords mapped to current MeSH) were counted, then MEDLINE achieved the 15 millionth citation milestone on December 11, 2006.

In future citation milestone announcements, NLM® will use all MEDLINE data as the basis and publish when the counts reach a multiple of five (next announcement will be when MEDLINE reaches 20 million citations).

MEDLINE® Milestone - 15 Millionth Journal Citation. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 Mar-Apr;(361):e15.

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