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2008 MARCH–APRIL No. 361
March 26, 2008 [posted]
May 20, 2010 [Editor's note added]

NLM® Improves MedlinePlus® Go Local Search

[Editor's note added on May 20, 2010: Go Local hyperlinks have been removed. For more information see NLM® to Discontinue Support of MedlinePlus® Go Local.]

o n March 19, 2008 NLM released a new search engine for MedlinePlus Go Local, using the Vivisimo® search engine software (see NLM® Launches New Web Search Engine: NLM Web Site, MedlinePlus®, MedlinePlus en Español. NLM Tech Bull. 2007 Sep-Oct; (358):e6. for additional information). By popular demand, search results now include health information from MedlinePlus, as well as health services in MedlinePlus Go Local (see Figure 1). An examination of some of the MedlinePlus Go Local search logs (no individual searches are analyzed) shows that users are looking for health information as well as services. Examples include drug names such as Provigil and Cialis, disorders such as GERD and TMJ, and services such as dentists who accept Medicaid and where to get a flu shot. In addition to adding health information from MedlinePlus, the new search results also feature improved relevance rankings, links to maps and directions, bold-face search words in context, and an integrated spell checker to suggest alternative search terms and spelling corrections.

By Lori Klein
Reference and Web Services

Klein L. NLM® Improves MedlinePlus Go Local Search. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 Mar-Apr; (361):e9.

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