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2010 MARCH–APRIL No. 373
April 26, 2010 [posted]
April 30, 2010 [Editor's note added]

NLM® Classification 2010 Edition

[Editor's note: The newly revised edition of the NLM Classification is available online as of April 29, 2010.]

The NLM Classification will be available soon online at // It will incorporate all additions and changes to the schedules and index from April 2009 through March 2010. The PDF version will be updated with 2010 classification data by May 11, 2010.

The WX (Hospitals and Other Health Facilities) and WY (Nursing) were the major areas of focus for the 2010 edition.

Some WX and WY class number captions and notes were revised to better reflect the scope of the number. For example:

Table G (geographic breakdown) is newly permitted with some additional WX and WY class numbers.

Class Numbers Added and Canceled

Twenty-two new class numbers were added and two class numbers were canceled.

Class Numbers Added —2010

New Number Class Name Former Number in the Index
General Medicine. Health Professions
W 20.55.T7 Translational research None
Practice of Medicine
WB 55.M6 Mongolian traditional medicine None
WB 556 Recreation therapy None
WM 450.5.A6 Animal assisted therapy None
WM 450.5.R4 Recreation therapy None
WM 605 Criminal psychology and psychiatry None
Radiology. Diagnostic imaging
WN 190 Molecular imaging None
WS 210 Chronic disease (General) WS 200
WS 350.4 Play therapy WS 350.2
Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
WX 140.1 [Health facility design and construction]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WX 140
WX 150.1 [Hospital Administration-General works]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WX 150
WX 157.1 [Financial administration. Business management. Cost accounting]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WX 157
WX 175 Computerized medical records WX 173
WX 186 Disaster planning and response WX 185
WX 216 Transportation of patients. Ambulance service WX 215
WY 16.1 [Nursing as a profession. Peer review]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WY 16
WY 88 Nurses' interpersonal relations WY 87
WY 100.1 [General works on nursing procedures]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WY 100
WY 115.1 [Home care services]
General coverage (Not Table G)
WY 115
WY 152.2 Chronic disease nursing. Long-term care WY 152
WY 152.3 Life support care. Terminal care WY 152
WY 154.2 Emergency nursing WY 154

Class Numbers Canceled—2010

Canceled Number Class Name Now Classed in
QX 195 Cnidaria Not applicable
WY 300 Nursing by country (Table G) WY 100

Table G (Geographic Notations)

Two geographic cutters were added to the Historical Geographic Locations section of Table G (Geographic Notations)

Two cross references were added to the main section:

Other Changes to the Schedule

Class number captions were also revised in other schedules. For example:

Changes to the Index

Eighty new index entries were created of which thirty-four are from the 2010 MeSH; the remainder are MeSH terms from previous years. All main index headings are linked to the 2010 vocabulary in the MeSH Browser.

Numerous main index entries and cross references were modified to reflect changes in the MeSH vocabulary. In particular, some major categories of index terms affected by MeSH changes were:

All index entries pertaining to the aforementioned schedule additions and changes were modified.

Index entries with Library of Congress T schedule numbers were reviewed for accuracy.

To learn more about the NLM Classification see the Fact Sheet.

By Sharon R. Willis
Cataloging Section, Technical Services Division

Willis SR. NLM® Classification 2010 Edition. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 Mar-Apr;(373):e20.

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