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2010 MARCH–APRIL No. 373
April 05, 2010 [posted]
April 08, 2010 [Editor's note added]

Book Citations Added to PubMed® and Changes to Displays

[Editor's note: These changes were implemented in PubMed on April 6, 2010.]

PubMed will soon be enhanced to begin including citations for a subset of books available on the NCBI Bookshelf. The first books to be added are, GeneReviews and Essentials of Glycobiology. A citation will be included for both the book and each chapter or section of the book.

Summary Display Changes

In order to accommodate the book and book chapter citations, the PubMed Summary display will also be modified. PubMed citations may include one of the set of labels and links outlined below. The Related articles link will also be renamed to Related citations.

New copper-colored labels (Books & Documents, Free PMC Article, and Free Article) provide users with a quick and easy way to scan the Summary display to find text that is freely available. The blue Free text links display for PubMed Central articles and Bookshelf items (see Figure 1) and, when clicked, open a new browser page with full text. When Free Article is displayed, use the title link to the Abstract format to find a publisher icon link to full text.

Summary Label and Links

Book or book chapters:
Screen capture of books and documents.

PubMed Central articles:
Screen capture of free PMC.

Articles available for free:
Screen capture of free article.

The Abstract display for Bookshelf items will include an icon link to the book or chapter, an excerpt if available, as well as links that go to the specific sections within the book text (see Figure 2). Note: The section link names are not part of the MEDLINE® display format and are not searchable.

Searches and Book Citations

Records for books and book chapters are not included in MEDLINE and will not have MeSH® vocabulary terms, although some records may have terms in the Other Terms field. Searches that limit with MeSH terms, e.g., Humans, Review, and Child, will not retrieve book records. Citations for Bookshelf items will be included in retrieval — as are other PubMed records — according to what was searched. Records for Bookshelf items have the status tag [PubMed].

The following search terms can be used to retrieve the Bookshelf citations in PubMed, e.g., pmcbook feingold syndrome:

  To retrieve books and chapters: pmcbook
  To retrieve books: pmcbooktitle
  To retrieve book chapters: pmcbookchapter

New Fields

These new types of citations may have the following new fields:

  Name of new field Field Tag (MEDLINE format) Search Tag
  ISBN ISBN [isbn]
  Editor ED [ed] or [editor]
  Full Editor Name FED not searchable
  Book title BTI [book]*
  Volume title VTI not searchable
  Edition EN not searchable
  Collection title CTI not searchable

*The search tag [book] retrieves the citation for the book and all its chapters. To search for the citation for the book, not the chapters, combine the name of the book with pmcbooktitle, e.g., genereviews pmcbooktitle.

The text displayed under Excerpt resides in the Abstract field. The existing Article Identifier (AID) field will contain Bookshelf accession numbers with the label: [bookaccession].

AID - NBK7050 [bookaccession]

Note: The Entrez Utility programs (E-Utilities) will not retrieve book citations because their XML structure is different from PubMed citations. ESearch results will exclude book citations and the PMIDs will not be retrievable in EFetch. The DTDs will be updated in 2011 to accommodate both XML data structures, at which time E-Utilities will include book PMIDs.

Information for Authors and Publishers interested in participating in the Bookshelf project is available in Bookshelf Help.

By Kathi Canese
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Canese K. Book Citations Added to PubMed® and Changes to Displays. NLM Tech Bull. 2010 Mar-Apr;(373):e13.

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