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2011 MARCH–APRIL No. 379
March 04, 2011 [posted]

DailyMed Mobile Version Launched

NLM® released DailyMed® Mobile on January 31, 2011. DailyMed provides access to over 20,000 structured product labels (SPL) from the Food and Drug Administration. DailyMed mobile features a simplified design enabling easy search, retrieval and display of SPLs from any Web-enabled mobile device (see Figure 1). Users can also e-mail SPLs to themselves or colleagues for later viewing on other platforms.

Find DailyMed mobile and a complete gallery of NLM mobile applications at NLM Mobile.

By Stephen Kiyoi
NLM Associate Fellow

Kiyoi S. DailyMed Mobile Version Launched. NLM Tech Bull. 2011 Mar-Apr;(379):e1.

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