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Table of Contents: 2012 MARCH–APRIL No. 385

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National Library of Medicine Ends Its Support for ToxSeek

National Library of Medicine Ends Its Support for ToxSeek. NLM Tech Bull. 2012 Mar-Apr;(385):b8.

2012 March 21 [posted]

NLM has decided to end its support for ToxSeek.

For ten years the National Library of Medicine has supported ToxSeek, a research project involving natural language processing and semantic technology.

This federated-search engine helped users to search across diverse biomedical and environmental health resources and provided a method for locating information resources on topics related to toxicology and environmental health.

Since there are now several comparable alternatives for users needing a federated search, such as, NLM will realign the resources to support other mission-critical programs.

ToxSeek will not be available after March 23th, 2012.

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