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Table of Contents: 2022 MARCH–APRIL No. 445

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Enhancements to the NIH Common Data Elements Repository

Enhancements to the NIH Common Data Elements Repository. NLM Tech Bull. 2022 Mar-Apr;(445):e5.

2022 April 21 [posted]

The NIH Common Data Elements Repository (CDE-R) team is pleased to announce the publication of the first collection of NIH-Endorsed Common Data Elements. The Project 5 Tier 1 CDEs are intended to support a wide spectrum of translational, clinical, and applied COVID-19 research. These data elements have been reviewed and approved by the NIH CDE Governance Committee and facilitate data reuse and harmonization. More information about the endorsement process and requirements can be found here.

The NIH Common Data Elements Repository team is also pleased to announce multiple enhancements to the CDE-R website, as part of a phased plan of improvement to better support the principles of FAIR data sharing and the goals of the NLM Strategic Plan. Some enhancements include promotion and highlighting of NIH-Endorsed CDEs throughout the site, the addition of targeted information for major user groups added to the home page, and significant expansion of the user guide.

Please visit the repository to view the improvements and newly published CDEs.

An in-depth article on the various changes, CDE endorsement procedures, and how to get the most out of the new enhancements will follow.

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