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2008 MAY–JUNE No. 362
June 25, 2008 [posted]
November 18, 2008 [Editor's note added]

New Sort Option for PubMed®

graphical image of the letter P

PubMed's Sort feature has a new option, Sort by Title (see Figure 1).

The order of sorting for the article title is: special characters, numbers (0-9), letters (A-Z). [Editor's Note: On November 18, 2008, the order of sorting was modified to ignore "A," "An," "The," and special characters at the beginning of the title.]

By Annette M. Nahin
MEDLARS Management Section

Nahin AM. New Sort Option for PubMed®. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 May-Jun; (362):e16.