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2008 MAY–JUNE No. 362
June 25, 2008 [posted]

Related Records in Catalog Feature Available in NLM® Catalog

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A Related Records in Catalog feature has been added to the NLM Catalog. It is available from the Links menu(see Figure 1). It can also be selected from the Display menu near the top of the screen (see Figure 2).

The Related Records of a catalog citation are other catalog citations most similar to it. Similarities are determined by comparing words in the titles of and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) assigned to catalog records. Since similarities are determined using MeSH terminology, Related Records are not calculated for catalog items that do not have MeSH. Related Records are pre-calculated. These calculations are updated on a regular basis. The related records are displayed in ranked order from most to least related, with the "linked from" citation displayed first (see Figure 3).


Limits are disabled when the Related Records feature is used. However, the list of Related Records can be refined by selecting History from the Features Bar, then using the search statement number in combination with another concept. In History, the Related Records are represented as "Related Records in Catalog for NLM Catalog (Select [NLM Catalog Unique Identifier Number])" (see Figure 4).

By Sharon Willis
Cataloging Section

Willis S. Related Records in Catalog Feature Available in NLM® Catalog. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 May-Jun; (362):e14.