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2008 MAY–JUNE No. 362
May 05, 2008 [posted]

TOXMAP®: Now Includes TRI 2006, Updated Health Data

[Editor's Note: This Technical Note is a reprint of an announcement published on NLM-Tox-Enviro-Health-L, an e-mail announcement list available from the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services. To subscribe to this list, please see the NLM-TOX-ENVIRO-HEALTH-L Join, Leave, or Change Options page.]

TOXMAP now includes the 2006 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data. TOXMAP's cancer and health data has been updated, and health risk information links and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Evironmental Health news have been added.

In addition, TOXMAP now offers more detailed roads at a variety of map scales. (Roads and other reference data can be hidden from maps via the "Other Data" subtab.) TOXMAP is a Geographic Information System (GIS) from the Division of Specialized Information Services of the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) that uses maps of the United States to help users visually explore data from the EPA TRI and Superfund Program.

TOXMAP®: Now Includes TRI 2006, Updated Health Data. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 May-Jun; (362):e2.